About us

Our Core Values:

  Open-mindness & loyalty

 Confidence building & character developement

 Academic excellence

 Alumnae engagement 

Our Symbol: Compass

Our Colors: Pool Blue and Lilac

Animal: Elephant

Founded in 2016, Xi Gamma Nu is an inclusive sisterhood where all femme-identifying students can feel welcome and accepted. Gamma is a place where all can find unconditional love and support through college and beyond.​​ In Xi Gamma Nu, sisters are encouraged to grow, discover their interests and passions, and establish themselves as powerful women. Gamma is a sisterhood where all women are supported, uplifted, and pushed to be the best version of themselves. ​​We value the hard work and achievement of all of our sisters in Xi Gamma Nu, and hold our sisters to a high standard of academic engagement. We constantly motivate each other and provide support and resources for sisters to succeed academically. ​We love to see our alumnae succeed as they take the next step in their careers and their lives outside of college. Leaving college does not mean leaving home, and we regularly keep in touch with our alumnae to make sure they always remain a part of our sisterhood.

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