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Spring 2022

Money Return

Position Email - Charlotte Hunter

Dues Spring 2022:

Dues for this semester are $130. We ask that you create a Paypal account in order to pay and receive reimbursements (if applicable). We ask this to avoid having to move funds from Venmo into the treasurer’s personal bank account and then into Paypal and vice versa. Having a Paypal account simplifies the process and allows you to get your money back quicker.







Those who aren’t on Paypal: 

Although we prefer Paypal, if for some reason you cannot create an account you can Venmo @maddysimsss for dues payments. Again, we strongly recommend Paypal and will help you set one up.


Make sure to fill out all fields and attach a picture of your receipt. If you do not receive your reimbursement within 5 business days please reach out to me at 732-289-8095. In your text please include your name, Paypal account, and a picture of your receipt.  

Paypal name: Samantha Wiener

Paypal email:

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