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Welcome Lambda Class!

Welcome to your very own New Member Education Portal! We are so excited to welcome you all into our sisterhood and hope that you are just as excited too! On here, you'll be able to find links to Zooms, Powerpoints and other useful resources that should help you during your time as a new member. While a lot of info can be found on the portal, our primary way to keep in touch will be through our Lambda Facebook group (which you should have been added to) and is linked below!

NME Team Contacts:

Mari Kuwabara-Wagg 

Cell: +1 (857) 264-8318


 Katie Kern (Assistant)

Cell: +1 (603) 867-6185


Emma Shapiro

Cell: +1 (732) 589-4400‬


Aislinn Buch (Assistant)

Cell: +1 (414) 870-8555


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