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A Letter from Our President

President 2020-2021

As a Senior, I can’t help but reflect back on my time thus far with this sorority. What first drew me to our sisterhood was the principles we were founded on in 2016; a home away from home. A place where we all feel safe and loved, cultivating an environment of trust. In the spring semester of 2018, I remember being an introverted freshman, wondering if there was even a possibility of finding a community to call my own at Emerson College. Then, I took a leap of faith, deciding to see what Xi Gamma Nu had to offer after listening to advice from our previous president, and incredible friend of mine, Cate Hayes. From that point on, I have been able to meet such powerful women, who have become my biggest cheerleaders and most constant support system, and I couldn’t be any more grateful. The choice to join this organization has been one of the best I’ve made in college.  

Besides the personal bonds I have created through this sisterhood, I have grown exponentially as a leader and a professional, which I attribute in large part to our sorority. I have experienced firsthand how a group of supportive, empowering women can mold you into the absolute best version of yourself. Before Gamma, I would have never put myself in a leadership role, but, now I am proud to say that I have taken every opportunity presented before me, without worry of failure. From being Philanthropy Chair for the past two years, to President, I gained a belief in my own capabilities, confident I can achieve all my personal and professional goals. Without meeting these sisters, who have a vision of succeeding together, instead of tearing each other down, I would not be where I am today.  Being accepted into this community, with individuals who believed in my abilities and uplifted me whenever I needed, has allowed me to believe in myself. I now try to do the same for every sister who joins Xi Gamma Nu, and am lucky to do it alongside our Vice President, Alli Caravella, who continues to be my partner-in-crime.


Our philanthropy, the Kids In Need Foundation, also has a special place in my heart since I came out for recruitment my freshman year. Every single one of us is so privileged to have access to quality education, with adequate supplies that foster a love for learning. However, it’s a privilege that is often taken for granted. KINF strives to provide school supplies to students who cannot afford them. As a daughter of two educators, I am in awe of Xi Gamma Nu’s commitment to education, within our own organization and in the community in which we inhabit. 


To all the future gammas, know that we are welcoming you with open arms, and are even more excited to see the growth that we are able to foster within each other. This is a family that continues to get bigger and bigger---but one thing manages to stay the same: Gamma continues to be a place of unconditional love & support that goes beyond these four years. I cannot wait to see the incredible things you all do for this organization, moving our sisterhood towards an even brighter future. I feel privileged to bear witness to the amazing endeavors that are in store for the chapter, within these four years & long after.

Much Love,

Jessica Cunha

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